IE is Dead, Long Life Edge - Edge is Dead, Long Life Edge (Chrome Edition)



So there we have it. It's dead. As a dodo.

Internet Explorer, long the butt of many jokes, has been officially killed by Microsoft. You may be asking, however, why has it still been around when the rest of the world has moved on?
"IE? Jesus" I hear my fellow cybersecurity specialists cry "I haven't used that in years".
Well, there is a very important reason why it exists. Especially considering a large number of companies are now going to be heavily exposed due to the lack of updates to IE.

Whilst it is true that IE has been terminated because it does not support newer web standards, the problems arise when we are looking at Legacy HR systems. SAP. Oracle. Peoplesoft. The list is huge.

Most of these require IE.

Hell, I have even worked at an establishment that's Cyber Hygiene training was actually based on ActiveX and Flash (and no, that wasn't "back in the day", that was only six months ago!).

Trying to get these legacy applications working on standard web browsers is near impossible. They have been made only to work with IE, in lots of cases.
This means companies will continue to have IE deployed. Which means this threat is going to be hanging around for many a year yet.

This does lead to another problem for the IT industry through, and as always, history does repeat.

We are back to the Browser wars. Edge, Microsoft's replacement, is also being replaced (however, its just under the hood). It will be based on the Chrome browser. Our consumer choice is now complete fiction.

I for one will be using Firefox, but even now, I am finding this more and more challenging, as a number of websites now only operate if they are using a Chrome-based browser.

I was kind of hoping that platform independent websites would become standard practice.

It looks however, the '90s are back, at least in regards to Browser practices.
Let's just hope the 90' keeps the hairstyles. We don't want them back.

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