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In recent weeks, the latest news about the UK's handling of Brexit has been depressing. The aspects I always liked about the UK seem to be dying; less outward thinking, more navel-gazing, and "grandstanding" rather than actually using skillsets the UK were world leaders at, using soft power to provide influence on the world stage.

In two weeks, we have had warnings from; Airbus, banking Industry, universities, Rolls-Royce, farming, fish factories and distribution centres, haulage firms, pharmaceutical industry, airports, warnings by HM Government on medical supply shortages and delays to the food supply chain............................... It goes on and on......
These aren't warnings, we have been told. This is just 'scare-mongering'. Well, from my side, may I congratulate the Remainers then if that's what they have been doing because I'm bloody scared. They have managed to get competing companies; the city of London, industry, all of the Universities, and many more all singing off the same panicked Hymn sheet. We can't even get the University of Cambridge to agree with the exact amount of colleges we have; yet they have united the entire sector.

Mission accomplished because I am truly shit scared.

Mainly because when experts, like say, a doctor, tells me "you are sick" I don't normally go and ask for a second opinion from the Janitor.

Yesterday, when I came home, after going to a leaving party for my best friend and his lovely partner that have also made plans to evacuate the UK before we conduct this nation-wide lemming suicide pack - I had dinner.

It was so good. So good, I thought, I might do dinner again tonight.

It turns out I like eating. Warnings about our food supply chain do worry me because unlike some of these Brexiteers, I cannot eat "sovereignty" or "control", only food.  I'm assuming, of course, that "sovereignty" will end up being the British version of "Soylent green"..... (Now with 48% liberal!)

It will be okay, however, because our Lord and saviour Jacob Rees-Mogg (whose own company in Ireland is advising their clients to evacuate the UK and set up bases in the EU) says a no deal Brexit will be fine.

This draws complete parallels with my military career. This is exactly how we all did military planning in the Navy. You took in all of the intel, from various sources, from various experts, asked for their predictions based on sound evidence, and then thought "Fuck it, I'll ignore all these eggheads, I think we should attack under the cover of daylight because we had a vote on it in the mess, and some of us don't like navigating in the dark."

Oh, wait, no it wasn't. It's was always listen to the experts. Especially when nine out of ten of them are screaming "are you trying to commit economic suicide?" you might think "maybe my plan needs adjustment".

We live in a parliamentary democracy. This is why Margret Thatcher was right when she said “a device of dictators and demagogues”. Referendums are great for simple, basic questions. This was a complicated question put in a simple format, combined with a terrible debate, led by Prime Minister David Cameron who's only reasoning in doing the vote was to silence the 'bastards' in the Tory party, but instead opened pandora's box of the UK's right/left-wing crazy.

Yes, I'm including labour on this. You can't keep saying "your plan sucks" and then have exactly the same plan. "Where is the government?" they cry.

Well, where the hell is the opposition? I've heard from so many people that it isn't  "Labours" job to come up with a plan. Yes, yes it bloody well is. This is why oppositions have a shadow cabinet.

Although, at the moment, I think an actual cabinet from IKEA would be more reliable. I also think an actual IKEA cabinet would be more "strong and stable" than our current PM as well.

So, here we are. We can see the edge of the cliff. We have the option to put our foot on the accelerator, our foot on the break, or to slow down and delay our eventual cliff edge exit out of the European Union.

Buckle up, I think we are about to hit warp speed...........

I will be leaving to work in Estonia from the 1st September, however, I want to get one thing clear. I am very excited about my new challenge in Estonia, working with an amazing team, and having a brand new adventure. I gain no pleasure in seeing my beloved country head towards this cliff edge though.

No one would get pleasure from seeing a car crash from the sidelines, knowing they are powerless to stop it.

Well, unless if you are Jacob, Michael, Boris, or Nigel of course.

They must love it because they do have some power to stop this madness, yet do not. The order from the bridge is still "full steam ahead to Brexit Island".

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