British Media, the European Union & Why I support the EU



The news has, in the typical bipartisan way of Rupert Murdoch, exploded on the idea of a possible EU exit from Britain. As a fellow Brit, I thought about writing my thoughts and getting across how this idea, backed by ‘News Internationals’ misinformation campaign and the political infighting of the Tory party, can make Britain sleepwalk its way into economic suicide.

I come from Cambridge, a small rural University town of old, now one of the IT powerhouses of Europe. We have attracted IT businesses and research centres from across the globe, as well as producing first-class homegrown talent. The reason this massive expansion has happened is due to the Common Market, and the ability to easily gain award willing talent and investment from abroad. In my lifetime, Cambridge has transformed from its place as a “University town”, to a Science and IT technology Mecca.

We owe this due to the fact we have and can attract the skills needed, to trade freely within the EU block, and research funding is available from both UK and EU funding streams.

So, it is rather confusing that the Conservative party are even thinking about a British exit. These are the staples of Conservatism. Free Market, Capitalism, Private investment. So why the change?

It makes it even more confusing when the CBI and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research say leaving will reduce our GDP by 2.25%, and the London School of Economics has said it will even more if we leave.

When the Subject Matter Experts start saying that, I stand up and listen.

So, why the shift? One word, I’m afraid. “Loonies”.

The Conservative party, fuelled by UKIP, has always had this problem. There are some very good, sensible members of the UK Conservative Party. One of my favourites, and often underrated members, is Ken Clark. However, his party also contains the right-wing fringe, that is remarkably similar to the American Tea Party.

David Cameron is trying to find a midway point between his moderates, and his Eurosceptic loonies.

Unfortunately, you can’t argue with a lunatic.

The don’t concede, they don’t debate, they just shout.

My opinion is that David Cameron should be focused on the Economy, and the only way he can do that is by supporting small to medium-sized businesses. This will be better served “In” the world largest training block, not outside it, shouting like a crazy man.

I’m currently in Norway, the Country always quoted as being out of the EU, and held as a shining example of what Britain should aim for. Shame their PM has told the British PM that it was a mistake for them not to join. Norwegian industry is Oil and Fish, and nothing else. 40% of the population work for the state. The economy is based solely on Oil. I personally would rather we didn’t put all our eggs in one basket.

Being in the Armed Forces, I have learned that only by cooperation, teamwork, and using all of your member's assets can a mission be a success. Stronger Together, Weaker Apart. Funny the same arguments I use for Europe, are the same arguments the Conservatives use for Scotland. The same reasoning applies to both.

I will be voting for a party that has my Country’s best interests.

I will be voting Liberal Democrat. 

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